A Message from the Dean

Dear Students, 

I welcome you to the family of Jacksonville Bible College. I want to by share a few thoughts and highlights about this tremendous ministry. 

The Vision: 

The vision of Jacksonville Bible College is broad and vast. Remembering precisely when Lady Janice and I began hearing God speak a special vision of this part of the ministry into our spirits is difficult. It started as a seemingly insignificant spark. The vision grew through the years. By 2007 it had grown into a flame in our minds and spirits. It was during that year that we went into action. Laying aside our personal agendas and walking in faith, we began to see the vision come to pass. This vision became the life blood of Jacksonville Bible College, of which Jacksonville Bible College is a subsidiary of Word of Life. 

The College: 

We have a genuine burden for ministers, pastors, church workers and Christians who desire a higher education. Because of time constraints, inconvenience, or financial difficulties, many cannot attend a typical resident Bible college. Recognizing these restraints, Lady Janice and I realized the need for affordable, resident and nonresident, interdenominational, Bible colleges. That dream seemed so far away. It appeared to be an unreachable goal. Nevertheless, as always, God provided the solution. In an almost overnight intervention from the Lord, our dream became a reality and Jacksonville Bible College was born. We are now officially known as Jacksonville Bible College, Inc. From these beginnings our vision is expanding around the world. We believe God to have resident campuses across the United States and countries around the world. 

The Lord’s faithfulness has sent God fearing people who love the gospel to become a part of the staff of this great ministry. I am very thankful to Him for the quality workers He as placed with us as our co-laborers in the early stages of this great work that He has place in our care. 


Jacksonville Bible College

We believe that JBC is on the cutting edge of contemporary Christian education. We understand that gaining an education can be very daunting, and in order to relieve some of that stress, we strive to afford each student with personal and intimate contact with staff members. We have a variety of online programs to aid you in getting the support you need. You could email several different types of tests to our office, have access to our chaplain as well as the dean of Theological Studies, and I myself will be glad to address any concerns you may have either now or once your studies have begun.

When you complete your studies, you may choose to come to a scenic area in or around the East Coast in the spring of each year where we have graduation ceremonies and celebrations. We also have class rings for those who wish to share with others their educational experience.

JBC also offers a program for Learning Disabled adults. The Upper Achiever's Program is designed to work with a pastor or sponsor. The student is assigned tasks that are within their abilities and upon completion; they are issued a prestigious certificate from JBC.

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